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Shan and Priscilla Ride Again

For those of you who may be wondering when Splinter Universe will have something new -- go read Shan and Priscilla Ride Again!


Now, be aware -- it's a Liaden novel that is not finished, and may never be. But... 15 chapters coming! Enjoy what we have!

Quicksliver is coming!

What? A new storyteller's bowl tale?

Yep. Read all about it right over here.


Just in time for summer! Get your nickels and dimes ready, and we'll keep those chapters rolling!

Coming out of hibernation?

 I haven't done one of these in a while...

Over at http://splinteruniverse.com/ Sharon and Steve have been busy!

You probably already read

The Rifle's First Wife http://splinteruniverse.com/?page_id=673
Roving Gambler http://splinteruniverse.com/?page_id=763

and most recently, we got

Code of Honor http://splinteruniverse.com/?page_id=816

Not to mention guest stories! Yes, we have several guest's stories, also ready for your reading pleasure.

And of course, if you would like to listen to Fledgling there's a special price deal for the rest of this week on the audible version. I think that's available for a couple more days over here http://www.audible.com/pd/Sci-Fi-Fantasy/Fledgling-Audiobook/B008YL6CDG?source_code=SCLGB907YWS102913

Of course, the easy way to find out about all of this is to go to Splinter Universe. And I believe that Monday, May 19, around noon... There may be something new there.

So let's crank up the reading, and feel free to talk about it, too.

Crossthreading things...

Over here http://rolanni.livejournal.com/776653.html?thread=6193613#t6193613 vythe asks a couple of questions about Emancipated Child.

1. Why is Cedar's voice rough?

2. Why does Mr. Varney want to keep Jason off the land?

3. Are there any normal humans on the seaside, aside from tourists? (bonus question!)

Interesting questions.

The Space at Tinsori Light

“The Space at Tinsori Light” has been added to Splinter Universe, with a special! bonus!: The original outline of the story, as written while the author traveled West on the California Zephyr, one fine and early August morn.



Here’s a rare look at process, which was found in the recent Scouring of the Files referenced here.

Four tries for an Yxtrang

Ghost Ship splinter

Here’s something a little different — a couple of chapters that didn’t make it into the final of Ghost Ship. They make a nice little scene, taken by themselves, and enhance the characters a bit. It was one of my regrets that, as Ghost Ship finally took shape, there wasn’t any room for Yulie Shaper, Korval’s new neighbor.


Story's Up!

"Guaranteed Delivery," a Liaden Universe® short story dealing with love, leadership standings and insurance fraud, may now be read in its entirety, right here.

Teaser up

I posted the first 340 +/- words of "Guaranteed Delivery" this morning, Just Because.

It's Friday...

"Kin Ties," Liaden Universe® novelette, now live here



kin ties teaser

Never knew I cared about the reckless wife's kin. Now I can't wait till Friday!